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Cheat Sims Social Facebook

The Sims Social Facebook Cheats

The Sims Social Speed Hack*

Cheat Engine v6.1
Mozilla Firefox
Sims Social Facebook account

1. Open Cheat Engine v6.1 and your Sims Social account;
2. Click on the computer icon on the Cheat Engine and find Firefox.exe. On the Cheat Engine, go to the icon which looks like a computer with a magnifying glass (upper left portion) and open it. Select "plugin.container.exe" and enable Speed Hack;
3. Click and select your desired "speed". A "speed" of 10 may cause errors on your Sims Social screen;
4. Go back to your Facebook Sims Social account window and start your game. Now you have lots of energy.
*Credits to polak123

The Sims Social Turn Social Points to Simoleons Trick

To convert Social Points to Simoleans, you simply need to go to the Decorating Shop and buy a "Stolen Kiss" for 2750 Social Points. Sell it and you will have gained 2750 Simoleons instead. This can also be used to raise the value of your homestead: Buy the "Stolen Kiss" and you will notice that it increases the value of your homestead by 7750 Simoleons, with only the 2750 Social Points having been spent.
*Credits to CH and kyle393

The Sims Social Get 5 Simoleons and 2 Social Points Mean Relationship Trick

1. Look for a neighbor that you have a mean relationship with. If you don't have one, make one;
2. Visit your neighbour that you are currently in a mean relationship;
3. Click on their sofa (Must be a 2-seater sofa) and select nap over and over again;
4. Enjoy the free Simoleons and Social Points;
5. Keep repeating until you have lots of cash
*Credits to lous for this trick. Best combined with Auto Clicker

The Sims Social Free Simoleons Collection

I got here free Simoleon gift links. Just make sure you're logged in to Facebook when you click the link and you're ready to go.

Sims Social Free 1,000 Simoleons
Sims Social Free 500 Simoleons
Sims Social Free 400 Simoleons
Sims Social Free 300 Simoleons
Sims Social Free 100 Simoleons

The Sims Social Free 300 Social Points

Just got this now. Click on the link, make sure you're logged in at Facebook, and claim your free 300 Social Points.

Sims Social Free 300 Social Points
*Full credits to PassiLP for this update. Links are updated as of Sep. 21, 2011, 07:50PM

The Sims Social Free Items

I got this info from someone. It's basically Sims Social free items, as simple and as sweet as that. And this is as updated as we can get here at Tj's Daily! All links were updated today, 09/21/11.

Anyway, just click on the links below and get the free Sims Social items:

Dunkin Donut Lawn Chair
Pompeii Fire Place
Rub-A-Dub Tub White
Spectral 5000LX
PerpetuLux Olive
PerpetuLux Sable
Llamark Chillblast Fall
Orange Fridge
Small Water Plant
Basix Bookshelves
Still Life Easel
Black BBQ
Pogo Arcage Machine
Big Poster
*Full credits to PassiLP for this update. Links are updated as of Sep. 21, 2011, 07:50PM

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The Sims Social Sofa Bot (Rev Soul v2.1)

By using a friend's sofa with a mean relationship with this Sims Social bot program, you will you get 2 Social Points and 5 Simoleons each nap in the sofa while laughing your way to the bank. Rev Soul recommends you guys run it using a Virtual Machine, or else you won't be able to do anything.

.Net Flash

New Features:
New way to win simoleons/social points (bella's sofa)
New xp winning optional
Click speed's / run time options

Sims Social Sofa Bot Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?fet0s836xs3w5km

*Thanks and full credits to Rev Soul for this one

Detailed AutoClick Sims Social Sofa Exploit Tutorial

Have I told you that caring is sharing? A user in the name of CaJuaL sent in this detailed tutorial on the Sims Social Sofa Bot AutoClick Exploit. If you're experiencing difficulty regarding the sofa bot, then this guide is for you. Download link below:

Download Detailed AutoClick Sims Social Sofa Exploit Tutorial

If you know of more cheats or tutorials, you can send 'em over too.
*Full credits to CaJuaL for this detailed tutorial

The Sims Social Shower Bot (Rev Soul v1.1)

By using a friend's shower with this Sims Social bot program, not only will you get 2 Social Points and 5 Simoleons each shower, you'll also be able to sit back and relax while your Sim gathers lots of money.

.Net Flash

Sims Social Shower Bot Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?198sd8wusmo4tss

Known Bugs:
Your Sim will not stop showering even if the Sims Social Shower Bot program is closed. To avoid this, command your Sim to cancel showering before closing the program
You won't be able to do anything while the Sims Social Shower Bot is running. To avoid this, run the bot in a virtual machine
*Credits to Rev Soul for this cheat

The Sims Social Game Bonus Checker

This video will guide you to how you can easily find all game bonuses posted on your news feed, Sims Social bonuses included. Watch the video below:

Currently these are the only cheats I have here in this post. Do you know more Sims Social cheats? If you do, hit our contacts form and submit your Sims Social cheat. Alternatively, you can leave it as a comment in the comments box below.

Sims Social Cheating Tips

• WARNING: If a site offers you a Sims Social bot or hack download with a survey, it's a sham. The website owner makes you fill out surveys because its earning him money. And even after you fill out the survey, the file you will download is half-baked, meaning it's fake or trash. Even in the underground there's
no Sim bot developed yet. Trust me, I know.

Another thing is, if you comment on a website like the one I mentioned above, your comment will say something like "Your comment is awaiting moderation." That means that your comment will never see the light of day if you say something like "WTF YOUR DOWNLOAD IS FAKE FUUUUUUUUU!"

• If someone points you to a link where they tell you you can download a Sims Social cheating program for a hefty price, it's fake. Do not believe this kinds of shams. You'll just waste your money. But if it's for real, I assure you it's going to be leaked all over the web, guaranteed'

• IMPORTANT: Do not trust links provided for in the comments section box especially by people who are Anonymous. There's a high probability that they contain trojans and/or other malicious malware. For example, this particular link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W08MVV7K provided for by Anonymous commenter #27 contains a Dropper.gen trojan variant. So be careful.

Anyway, I'll update this post with more Sims Social Facebook cheats, hacks and tips as more get discovered and shared. That I promise to you. And frankly, with all the cheats that was integrated in the previous Sims games, what's not to cheat here right? Thanks and credits to all the people concerned for this mega post.

The Sims Social is already out. Play it now.

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