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1. The first kingdom on Mount Merapi

1. Maharaja is crowned
It is said by Tambo, that in shipping the sons of King Iskandar Zulkarnain three brothers, near the island of Ceylon gold crown they fall into the sea. Every man of good subs have been ordered to take it. But to no avail, because the crown is clad by a snake splint on the seabed. Tell Ceti Clever call a clever mas. Mas handyman was ordered to make a similar crown. Once the crown is completed with the help of a tool they call "Camin taruih" to be able to imitate it perfectly. After finishing carpenter that makes it even killed, so the secret is not revealed and can not be replicated again. When Sri Maharaja Kings woke up, took the crown and wear it over his head. When the prince who woke up not playing together anymore heartache they saw the crown was already dominated by the youngest. So there was a fight, so they eventually separate. Sri Maharaja Alif continue the voyage to the West. He landed in the Land of Rum, then in power until the French and British Land. Sri Maharaja summoned turned to the East, ruled China and Japan to conquer the country.
2. Nan Galundi Baselo
Sri Maharaja Kings fell slightly down from the summit of Mount Merapi to make a place in Galundi Nan Baselo. More to the Kelang again can not be pursued because the valleys are flooded, and the foot of the hills covered by dense jungle forest. At first, made some fruit taratak. Then slowly open the installments to be a field for dry rice cultivation land and fields. Hut-hut it became more and more crowded, and then grow into the hamlet, and Nan Galundi Baselo became crowded. Kings of Sri Maharaja ordered to make wells for each wife to fetch water. There are wells that made the place a lot of religion grows and the places overgrown with rushes, similar plants to make mats, bags, etc. kembut. There is also a place that is rather flat. Amid the flow of a river area called Trunk Bengkawas. Because the river's valley into fertile stems Bengkawas once. Hundreds of years later after the Kings of Sri Maharaja's death, his descendants bertebaranlah everywhere, in groups looking for new lands to be opened, because the water has shrunk as well. In the tambo said to be "earth Tatkalo barambuang naiak, aia basintak down". Descendants of Sri Maharaja Kings with "The Tiger Campa" which bersumur overgrown agam go to the plateau which was then named "LUHAK Agam" (LUHAK = wells). There they opened the new lands. Huma and teruka-new teruka done with a vengeance. The ports to irrigate the rice fields is done with the best. Descendants "Goats Forest" opened new lands also in areas of Mount Sago, who later was named "LUHAK 50 Koto" (Payakumbuh) from LUHAK a lot overgrown with rushes. Descendants of "Dog the Mualim" to Kubang Tigo Baleh (Solok), offspring "Siamese Cat" to Candung-Lasi and children of the king and his descendants still live in the Son of King LUHAK Tanah Datar. Then start the construction of the universe cleared the woods, open land, chop melateh, meneruka, making the field, founded the hovel, built hamlet, koto and villages.
3. The arrival Sapurba
Tersebutlah story of a king named Sang Sapurba. In the tambo says "Come Ruso from Lauik". Reportedly he is very rich in the title of King Nathan Sangkala Sita from the Hindu land. He had a gold crown-appendix dihiasai tufted with pearl, studded with glittering gems and ratna manikam quality. At first he came from the land of Hindus. He landed on the Mount Siguntang Maha Meru near Palembang. There he became the king's son-Width Leaf. Of marriage in Palembang that he has had four children, two boys that Sang Nila Utama, the Maniaka; two women, the Goddess and Bilal Leaf souvenirs. On one day the wish was about to sail occupy Sapurba Indragiri River. After a long sail, take him to the ground, finally arrived at Nan Galundi Baselo. At that time the ruling was Galundi Nan Baselo Dirajo Suri, a descendant of Maharaja Sri Kings. Suri Kings tekenal with high knowledge, he abstain in the caves of Mount Merapi. Due to the high science and knowledge in, he becomes king of the highly respected and loved by residents of Nan Galundi Baselo and in all regions. He also holds a Sri Maharaja of Kings, a title that made his descent of the kings of Mount Merapi. Son of the country are amazed to see the coming of the Sapurba a luxurious and handsome. The crowd menggelarinya "Golden Deer", because the crown branching. Therefore ingenuity Dirajo Suri, the Sapurba be related by marriage, is married to his sister called Indo Julito. The Sapurba is a Hindu The Hindu. He worshiped idols. Then held a place of worship in one place. This place is still called Pariangan (per-Hiyang-an = a place to worship Hiyang / god). And there also there is a temple made of land where Hindus worship. Others say that place is a place of joy.

4. Just as the king who Symbol
The last Sapurba dirajakan to assume the title of Kings of Sri Maharaja also. But the power of government remained in control Suri Dirajo as parents, whereas the sapurba lambang.Untuk just as the king's palace with the queen made a "Hall length" to which it also ruled. This palace is said is made of: tonggaknya terrace nettles, roots lundang role, there should percussion of sticks and sticky rice, sticky rice from the drum sticks seleguri, getangnya hides lice, has Cenang and back, etc. hilalang leaf mats. Because more and more crowded Pariangan also the Sapurba moved to a new place in Batu Gedang. A commander who was ordered to see new lands carry a long sword. Many people who followed him home. They headed toward the right side Pariangan. Lies the good ground, then began cutting timber and opening new lands. During the commander's work of the long sword rested on a large stone. Lots of people are moving to new places. They berkampung there, and the new village resting place of the long sword, until now still called Padang Panjang. Eventually Leopold was so crowded at all. Thus Pariangan with Leopold became a country, the first country in seedaran Mount Merapi in the Trunk Bengkawas, namely the country Pariangan Padang Panjang. Necessary for the smooth administration appointed people who will rule under the king. Then the king bermufakatlah with wise people. Planted two people for two people Pariangan and also to Padang Panjang. Each was given the rank of "prince" and the title "Datuk". · Dt. Bandaro Kayo and Dt. Series Maharajo to Pariangan · Dt. Maharajo tongue and Dt. Sutan Maharajo tongue to Padang Panjang. People who foursome that was initially used as a headman in the area. Balai Adat prepared for the meeting. That was the first hall of origin before named Minangkabau in Pariangan.
5. Sikati Muno
A bad guy who came from across the country also arrived in the area. Because of his large and tall like a giant he was named the dragon "Sikati Muno" which came out of the crater of Mount Merapi. People are very didongengkan him and them, that the dragon was her great and there are 60 fathoms long and hard skin. He brings an unspeakable catastrophe again by residents. Works have been robbing and destroying the villages and hamlets. Paddy and rice in the fields out to destroy. People have been many killed, men, women and girls sacrificed. The fourth prince of Pariangan Long-meadow overlooking the Drajo Suri sent Sapurba in Stone Gedang about chaos Sikati ditimbuklan by Muno. To maintain its prestige as a related by marriage, then go fight the Sapurba Sikati Muno. Great battle ensued for days. Sword of the cleft-cleft Sapurba hundred and ninety. Finally the dragon Sikati Muno was killed by the Sapurba with a keris. Kris is called "Keris Sikati Muno 'kris auspicious, no tip base hit, the trail was stabbed to death as well. Since then the country was safe Pariangan-Padang Panjang, and grow increasingly crowded. Therefore the Sapurba ordered again to find new lands. One day the king himself went out, to see the country become a good area. He went along with escort-escorts. He arrived at a place of crystal clear springs out from under the tree tarab. The Sapurba thought it would be fertile ground once and serve the country well. Then diperintahkannyalah opening new lands on the ground. Until now the land was called the River Tarab. Then the day so famous, the locus of "Koto Pamuncak Piliang" Dt. Bandaharo in Sungai Tarab. Besides the king also met a bunch of lotus flowers in the area, flowers are so idol for the Hindus. King ordered to establish a palace in the place. After the king's palace was ready and then move the throne of Pariangan-Padang Panjang to a new place, which was later renamed the country Satangkai Bunge, the second country after Pariangan-Padang Panjang. (Source: Heritage Land Minangkabau - Tambo Minangkabau)
2. New Minangkabau kingdom

Center of the kingdom return to Pariangan Leopold called the beginning of the New Minangkabau kingdom. Since this is created and confirmed Minangkabau adat rules which we glory until now. Although it has bergnati season called Minangkabau adat remains unused; No rear by heat, not weathered by the rain. Anyone between the sons and daughters who intentionally violates Minangkabau customary rules, will be left out of his life in his own family. Year 1127, Sri Sultan Maharaja married the facility, Indo Kings Jelita, the younger brother of Datuk Dirajo Suru. After 14 years of marriage, it has not got a descent. So the board agreed on the royal, the Sultan of Sri Maharaja Kings remarries Puti World Cinto. After two years of marriage with Puti World Cinto, there are no signs of pregnancy also Puti TSB. Sultan then remarries Sedayu Puti. God's grace, the year 1147, the Sultan was born empress Paduko tongue of Indo Jelito Puti, who was then appointed as the King of Minangkabau, Datuk title Ketemanggungan. That year also born too Warmandewa of Puti World Cinto, who then holds Datuk Bandaharo Kayo. Year 1148, born again of Puti Reno Sedayu Shida, who then holds Datuk Maharajo tongue. Thus the King had three sons, each of the three mothers. Year 1149, Sri Sultan Maharaja Kings die and at that time the king's oldest son was 2 years old. Agreed upon the royal council, the Grand Empress Indo Jelito Puti, directly holds the reins of the kingdom of Minangkabau while waiting Sutan Paduko tongue into adulthood. Daily tasks performed by the three kings namely Datuk Suri companion Dirajo, Cetri Tell Clever and Tantejo Gurano. Because affection Datuk Suri Puti Indo Jelito widowed, then married to Cetri Tell Clever. From his marriage gave birth to 5 children:

Sutan Jatang balun Datuk title Perpatih Sabatang Nan (born 1152)
Crazy world title Datuk Suri Maharajo Banego nan-nego (born 1154)
Puti Reno Judah was born 1157, then taken by Datuk Perpatih Nan Sabatang to Lima The descendants of his nephew to become the prince of nan
Puti Jamilan born 1159, then taken to the Sungai Tarab Datuk Ketemanggungan and the sprig of flowers to his descendants will become kings and princes
Mambang Sutan born th 1161, after the age of 4 th degree replaces the title of Datuk Suri Dirajo mamaknya (brother of Indo Jelito Puti)

Mambang Sutan the nephew of the first in Minangkabau who received a degree from mamaknya. Year 1165 that is when Sutan Paduko tongue has turned 18 years old, he was appointed as the prince of the title Datuk Ketumanggungan, though Minangkabau royal throne, the king's successor who has 16 years of the task from her mother Puti Indo Jelito. In addition, all boys of Kings crowned Sultan Sri Maharaja also be penghulu.Tahun 1174 new Minangkabau royal ancestral lands to expand the area of ​​Tarab River, The Five and Padang Panjang. Each region was occupied by a prince of a child from Sri Sultan's three wives Maharaja of Kings. Because the population density areas the years 1186-1192 held Pariangan migration, is formed LUHAK Nan Tigo. In each LUHAK formed several kelarasan and on kelarasan also formed several tribes. The tribes in the area of ​​Minangkabau kingdom governed by matrilineal descent. Whoever the father of a child or any rank of their fathers, but spare his son according to his mother's tribe. To confirm the establishment of the tribe, then the inheritance from my grandmother, bequeathed to ibun and also handed down from mother to daughter. Customary rules are so-called matrilineal. Only two regions in the world who use the rules of matrilineal. One area the Indian hinterland, the origin of his ancestors before 2000 BC. And another one growing in West Sumatra. Inheritance for women not for personal gain, but to guarantee living descendants of the tribe. In 1292, great grandson of Puti Jamilan, named Princess Dara stakeholders Crown Princess of Orange, married to Mahisa Anabrang, Commander Singhasari royal family of King mammal. Before you marry first in-Islamkan Mahisa. Dara Puti Orange in 1293 was pregnant, went home to follow her husband who was called by the king Singhasari First Majapahit (Raden Wijaya). Princess Dara Orange brings with her half-brother of Dara Petak Puti for child caregivers who will be born. A few months dikerajaan who took over the kingdom of Majapahit Singhasari it, was born the son of Puti Dara Adityawarman named Orange. Puti Dara Petak, married by the King of Majapahit (Raden Wijaya). Puti Dara Petak changed its name to Sri Tribuaneswari Diyan. Although it has become the wife of the King of Majapahit, nurturing Puti Adityawarman Dara Petak remain in the kingdom of Majapahit. Because Datuk Ketumanggungan been very old, the year 1295, Dara Puti called back to Orange to become King in Minangkabau Minangkabau with Kanduang Bundo call. Kanduang Bundo child named Adityawarman remain dikerajaan Majapahit, because Puti Dara Petak not want to let go home, wanted to continue caring for her sister's child. After Mother became King Bladder Minangkabau, Datuk Ketumanggungan indeed died at the age of 149 years and was followed by the death of Datuk Perparih Nan A stick in the age of 146 years. The Kambang Bendahari (ladies in waiting of the Mother of bladder) was married to Happy Long gobang (1292) in which a diplomat envoy of the Chinese empire (Khubilai Khan). Congratulations in advance before getting married on Long-Islamkan forelock. Marriage gave birth to a boy named Cindur Mato th 1294. Mato Cindur nurtured science of war by Mahisa Anabrangyang the thought of her own child away Adityawarman in Majapahit. Additionally Cindur Mato martial arts as well educated by his biological father Congratulations tuft length. Then becomes for Cindur Mato a formidable warrior and Commander of the Minangkabau kingdom that no rival dizamannya. Adityawarman own the Crown Prince Kingdom of Minangkabau, educated science and the science of war work by Majapahit. Adityawarman Wirdamatri which is never a predicate, and commensurate with the Supreme Patih MPU Nala. Because it's one of the Trinity Adityawarman Majapahit Kingdom. As adults returned Adityawarman Bundo bladder and mating encounter with Puti youngest (child mamaknya Rajo Mudo) from the aspect Sikalawi-Taluk Kuantan, before embracing Buddhism Adityawarman married, first in-Islamkan. Adityawarman in 1347 crowned the King of Dang Tuanku title Minangkabau (Sutan Rumandung). Marriage Adityawarman with Puti Youngest child named Ananggawarman birth. Mada Gahah Adityawarman never angry for not subject to the Majapahit. But Adityawarman not hesitate to Gajah Mada, because they sependidikan. Gajah Mada tried to attack the Minangkabau in th 1348, but failed, instead Adityawarman once helped conquer Bali Majapahit. When Minangkabau Ananggawarman years 1375-1417 under the leadership of, the defense has been very strong Minangkabau kingdom. Patih Wikrawardhana dikerajaan Majapahit, still trying to attack the kingdom of Minangkabau in 1409, but still no luck. That was the last attack against the Minangkabau. If dizaman Ketumanggungan and Datuk Datuk Perpatih Sabatang Nan, famous for its royal Minangkabau customary rules and filsafahnya, then dizaman Bundo Kanduang, Adityawarman and Ananggawarman Minangkabau kingdom known for its expertise Cindur Mato as a war commander. Ananggawarman not heard again after the King Minangkabau activity, probably due to the king and penghulunya no longer make a change, either for the kingdom, nor for the people who are already perfectly established by previous scholars. So perfectly done Minangkabau customary rules very well assist the implementation of customary rules, because the traditional Minangkabau-jointed organized syarak (Islam) and jointed syarak Qur'aan. (Source: Kingdom of Minangkabau - Jamilus Jamin)
3. Word Origins of Minangkabau

Majapahit people do not miss trying the intelligence and ingenuity of the people of Mount Merapi. One day they brought a huge water buffalo horns and long, slightly smaller than an elephant. They want to hold a buffalo fighting game. Their invitation was received well by both progenitor famous wits everywhere, ie, Dt. Katumanggungan and Dt. Nan Parpatih Sabatang. The stakes are like old-old well, that ship arrivals with everything in it, and bet it is the progenitor of both their own kingdom. When it came time to pit bull, the bull is released in the arena of Majapahit, boisterous mixed crowd anxious to see how the size of a buffalo that is unmatched on the island Believe that time. In a tense situation, the party people and even then removing the buffalo country anyway. And what a surprise and kecutnya the crowd to see them issue a baby buffalo. Children were being closely suckling buffalo, and people do not know, that the child had been bebearapa day buffalo doberi not close the parent a chance. When he saw a large buffalo bull in the middle of the arena's son ran to get a parent with a thirst dikria very want to suckle. Dimoncongnya bound to a spur or a very sharp Minang. He was butting into the underbelly of the buffalo, and menyinduk-nyinduk want to suckle. So tembuslah Majapahit buffalo stomach, then fled in pain and bled to death. Majapahit people protesting the country people say it's cheating. Commotion ensued and almost a bloodbath. But with his authority Dt. Katumanggungan and Dt. Nan Parpatih Sabatang bring these people into the court hall. Therein Dt. Nan Parpatih Sabatang deflect accusations of Majapahit people. Finally the people of Majapahit pemgakui their omission did not reveal the requirements between the two parties before the holding of the game. Since then the pit bull was until now the State Minangkabau. And then the day after the victory of pitting buffalo with Majapahit was famous everywhere, the power of the people who bernenek ancestor to Mount Merapi, known as Alam Minangkabau. Told also houses gadang then given berginjong like buffalo horns as a symbol of victory. (Source: Heritage Land Minangkabau - Tambo Minangkabau)
4. Relationship with the Negeri Sembilan Minangkabau

A stick of Datuk Perpatih nan is said in ancient times had been sailed and came to stop in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan.Negeri Sembilan now

Negeri Sembilan state, including one that became the state Federation of Malaysia. Gubernemen Melaka is located south east side with the state of Jojor, Pahang and the north with the west with Selangor. In 1970 the state of the extent of 2580 square miles has a population of more than half a million people with a population of fewer Malay nationals of the Chinese nation. The majority in Malaysia consists of three clumps nation: Malay, Chinese and Keling. Malay nation's population which is roughly a quarter million were large sebahagian still have a relationship with the Minangkabau region of origin. Minangkabau customs are still many who still have not lost by them and some are still used in the way of life. In fact some of the details and customs in Minangkabau itself has been forgotten in their still fresh and still used. This historical relationship has been started in the mid-fifteenth century. Patun them reads: Leguh legah sound carts carts PadangGenta people go into a plate of buffalo can read jugaBiar pagiWalau Sepinggan can petangPagaruyung remembered also Negeri Sembilan an empire but the government under the Constitution is there to say institutionalization Affairs. Agency Legislature named the "Council of Societies / Negotiations Affairs who have a member of 24 people. The members are elected by the people in here saying that the General Election: Choice highway. Implementation of government implemented by the Chief Minister who was accompanied by eight of its members are named: "Members of the Consultative Assembly of the Kingdom of the State". The king is caring mat sublime Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan. In 1970 the ruling is this: The late Tuanku Ja'far ibni Tuanku Abdul Rahman and he is the eleventh descendant of King Malewar from Minangkabau and ruled between the years 1773 to 1795. Negeri Sembilan government is divided into 6 areas such as districts in Indonesia, namely: Seremban, Kuala Segment, Port Dickson, Jelebu, Tampin and Rembau. The capital is Seremban. Contained the royal palace in the capital of Seremban is named: Castle Waiting series. But architecture is no longer the way it was berkomposisi between Minang Minang and Malay architecture.
The arrival of the Minangkabau
Before Negeri Sembilan, Melaka was named thus stands a famous kingdom in history. Melaka port and a gateway to penetrate the interior of the peninsula was stricken area. Then came the Negeri Sembilan sebulum entourage stood by the group of Minangkabau and settle down here.
First Group
At first there came a group with the leaders of an ancestor who holds the King with his wife Datuk Tok Series. But it is less clear where their origin in Minangkabau. They were on their way to the Negeri Sembilan stopover in Siak and then proceeded to cross the Straits of Melaka continued to Johor. From Johor Naning they go to continue to Rembau. And finally settled in a place called Dragon Londar. Because there are so called because it met the dragon groove impressions. Now the place was named Kampung Galau.
Second Group
Leaders of this group and the title Datuk Raja also comes from a family of Datuk Bandaro penghulu River Nature Tarab. This group settled in a place that became known to the Kampung Sungai Layang.
Third Group
This third entourage come from the Stone Cage as well, Datuk family Makudum Sati in Sumanik. They were two brothers: Sutan Sumanik and Johan Greatness. Of this group, stopping along the way also in Siak, Melaka, and Rembau. Then create a village called Tanjung Alam which later changed to Sand Mountain.
Fourth Group
This group came from Sarilamak (Payakumbuh), chaired by Datuk White and they go straight to the Sutan Sumanik have first opened this township in Negeri Sembilan. White Datuk known as a handler or an expert bomoh mysticism. It was he who named the Series Waiting for the king's palace is now. Then in succession came another group of others of which are recorded by the history of Negeri Sembilan: The group that began inhabiting the arrival of paving stone Rembau (Payakumbuh) with its own retinue of paving stone and from Mungka. His name is Datuk Lelo Balang. Then followed again the younger brother of Datuk Datuk Lelo Balang named from the village of Three Deep Sea grandmother. Although residents acknowledge Negeri Sembilan Datuk teachings Perpatih nan A stick is very popular here but they are not on the tribal divides in four parts like Minagkabau. May be due to the situation and its development as the saying goes: Close look far to find the Hindu tribes, the tribes in Negeri Sembilan from LUHAK from where they were coming or arrival of the country of origin. Based on the origin of their arrival so lies the 12 tribes in Negeri Sembilan, each of which is as follows;

Fat Series Pahang
Fat Series Minangkabau
Series Malanggang
Tigo Stone
Tigo Grandmother
Aceh's children
Batu Belang

Facts and problems
History At a place called Sungai Udang approximately 23 miles from Seremban to Port Dickson, there is a sacred tomb. There were found also some inscribed stones such as writings inscribed stone found at the stone enclosure. People who bermakam there named Shaykh Ahmad and originated from Minangkabau. He died in 872 H or 1467 AD. And still be an unsolved riddle, why the arrival of the first Sekh luahk here and from where it came from.
King comes Minangkabau
In sending the manuscript of the kings of the eight people whom sent to Rembau, Negeri Sembilan named Malenggang Nature. But if history is reviewed Nine country first sent here Minangkabau king Raja Raja Mahmud who then holds Malewar. King Malewar holding power between the years 1773-1795. He had two sons and daughter named Tengku Tengku Totok Aisah. He ditabalkan in Penajis Rembau and then moved to the palace Series Waiting. So now still popular proverb which says: Be king of the Minangkabau JohorBertali to SiakBertuan to his arrival to the Negeri Sembilan bring a hair that if put in a vanity or vanity Cerana will meet or Cerana it. Heirloom masuh still used when it crowned a new king. Wonder why after the death of King Malewar in 1795 was not raised his son to be king, but once again requested a king of Minangkabau. And the Black King and dinobatlkan dikirimlah in 1795. Black King married the daughter of King Malewar named Tengku Aishah unfortunately he is not endowed with sons. Black King marries another woman named Encek Jingka. From his wife that he had four sons / daughters named: Tunku Alang Husin, Tengku middle, Tengku Ibrahim and Tengku Alwi. And when he died in the year 1808 it is not surprising anyway instead appointed one of his sons. But once again sent the mission to Pagaruyung to request a new king. And dikirimlah King Lenggang of Minagkabau and this is likely to be sent King Pitch Nature of Minangkabau and those in the manuscript transmission of Eight kings in Minangkabau. Lenggang king reigned between the years 1808 to 1824. King Lenggang mating with the second daughter of the king's sons got a Black and two sons named: Radin and Tengku Tengku Imam. When the king died dinobatkanlah Lenggang Tengku Radin replace his late father. And this is the first king of Negeri Sembilan are appointed by the Holders and the Indigenous Law was born in Negeri Sembilan. And he was the descendant of a hereditary king in Negeri Sembilan. Radin King succeeded by his brother King Priest (1861-1869). And then the kings who reigned in Negeri Sembilan: Tengku Ampuan Intan (Stakeholders Officers) 1869-1872, The middle Pertuan 1872-1888, 1888-1933 Tuanku Muhammad, Tuanku Abdul Rahman 3/8/1933-1/4/1960, Tuanku Munawir 5/4/1960-14/4/1967, Tuanku Ja'far 18/04/1967 crowned.
The formation of Negeri Sembilan
Nine countries during the first royal to have kinship with the Minangkabau. Who became king in this country of origin comes from the King of Minangkabau descent. The palace, named Series Waiting. Same as the Minangkabau customs, rules are partially under customary law in Minangkabau. They have tribes like the Minangkabau but different ways of use. This population movement occurred in the century began: XIV is when the government suggested that the people of Minangkabau memperkembang to far abroad. They must find new lands, new areas and then settled in the area. Half the good fortune to meet the residence of the fertile land and open land and make camp there. There is also united with the original people who found they see themselves and be a leader there. Surely customs, laws, the prevalence with which his native land of land of a new well. As already described Minangkabau people that live around the area: to Jambi, Palembang, Indragiri, Taoung Tapung Right and Left, Siak and other areas. Partially crossed the Straits of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan reached. In the sixteenth century to the administration of their country has begun to made it there. They established a small empire as much as 9 pieces and small empire unity that they named STATE NINE. This occurs when the Minangkabau country unites these small kingdoms and empire under diperlindungkan Johor. After the unitary state was formed with the consensus shared by the Johor royal Pagaruyung dimintalah a child king to be crowned king in Nine Negrei it. At that time the government began Pertuan Series Waiting. The origin of most of there country boy Fifty LUHAK City is from: Payakumbuh, Sarilamak, Mungka, Balang Stone, paving stone, and a fraction of Simalanggang LUHAK Tanah Datar.

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