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Amber Stone/Barnsteen Article

Amber is probably the oldest substances used by humans as jewelry. Jewelry made of amber found in northern Europe at 8000 BC Amber (the word is derived from the German word which means "stone that can be burned") is like a stone that is often used as a jewelry lady, the pipe, the tobacco, and others. Most people do not know what it was exactly this stone, and a clear amber is not rock. Amber is formed during the time of eosin, or 50-70 million years ago.There are two types of amber:1. Amber is derived from organic substances from plants that turned into a kind of resin, is from a prehistoric tree with pine Latin name succinifera, the same height with pine trees today. This tree grows in the jungles of Europe and the highway for millions of years of dripping sap (resin like) drop by drop a stone over time. Therefore immersed into the layers of the earth such as minerals (minerals), is it aligned with the type of mining products.2. Sap (resin) type of pine tree scent was hit by sea water and drowned. When thrown to the shore again he was given the name of the stone sea foam.Sometimes the amber containing the so-called oil aetherisch barnsteen oil or oil of amber or also barnsteenzuur. Amber what they are in the excavation of land and in the same quality beaches. The value 2 in the list of harsh rigors of Mohs and has an amorphous crystal structure and weighs heavier than water. When amber is heated it becomes soft and fluffy and delicious smells broadcast. Sometimes if it's too hot, could burn out. Also if the amber is rubbed with a soft or soft lijnolie without destroyed, easily folded so that the easier it made women's jewelry items.If people rub amber with amber cloth then it will become magnetic and can attract small pieces of paper. Amber if soaked in water or alcohol will not be destroyed. Amber consists of 79% carbon, 10% hydrogen and sulfur. Amber color ranging from brownish yellow, golden yellow, light yellow, to yellow a bit old. As for the whitish, lemon color, blue, red (called "cherry amber"), green and some are almost black. Stone colors are much sought after because of the uniqueness of the color.Amber often has inclusions of insects and plants. The oldest amber ever found 345 million years old and in the oldest amber stones are often found insects that lived 146 million years trapped in it. The animals are found trapped in amber in the form of flies, ants, wasps, scorpions, spiders, frogs, lizards and much more even plants such as flowers, mushrooms, whole grains can also be found in it. Because the animal species found in this amber is not alive today then inclusion-inclusion of such stones can make this very valuable amber.The content of the amber found in the Baltic sea coast where the stone can be taken at the beach and shallow water after a big storm. In addition there are large deposits in Poland, and in small quantities in the Atlantic Ocean coast in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic.Use or benefitAmber ancients believed could clear the air if burned around especially at the time of delivery, this stone is also believed to nourish the eye when viewed on.

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