Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

Product Fails Steve Jobs

NEW YORK - Many people know that Steve Jobs is a visoner who succeeded in developing cutting-edge works in the field of technology. But not always successful products, because there are at least seven failed product ever offered by Jobs. In designing a product, Steve Jobs many times before finally submitting the draft design of the product is made by Apple. But there are some products that result is not always good and failed to impress in the market. Here are seven products of Jobs that failed both commercially and functionally, as reported by The Washington Times, Thursday (06/10/2011): 1. Apple III (1981) _ The successor of the very popular Apple II was designed as a device that focuses on business users and the price is affordable. Unfortunately, this hardware is unreliable. Apple loses business market after IBM introduced the PC came with. Peluncurkan mainstay of IBM's PC products this year in conjunction with the launch of the Apple III and the PC more rapidly growing than the Apple III. 2. Lisa (1983), the computer is the first commercially produced using a graphical interface that the production cost of USD9, 995. This device quickly fell because they think Macintosh is cheaper than the Lisa, which was launched a year later. 3. NeXT Computer (1989), the first attempt after Jobs was forced out of Apple when it made him eager to create a computer capable of predicting the future, but the device that created the Next Computer exceed the selling price of the Apple III and Lisa, who was too expensive to capture mainstream users. 4. Puck Mouse (1998), one of the new products of this iMac is the first major product that was created after the return of Jobs to Apple in 1996. Because this mouse is round and small There are some users who can not use it because it is very small, making it difficult to use. 5. Cube (2000), this is a beautiful small desktop computer encased in clear plastic cube. The device design of Jobs is indeed won design awards, but fails in retail stores because of high prices. Although Apple's iconic design, but people are not willing to pay a high price. Eventually the idea of ​​the Mac Cube was taken to the next generation of the Mac Mini. 6. iTunes phone (2005), the iPhone is not Apple's first attempt at mobile phone business. At that time Apple formed a partnership with Motorola Inc. to launch the ROKR in late 2005. As a phone, the ROKR is less interesting, but as a music player that is almost similar to the iPod. The difference of this phone can only store 100 songs and the process of transferring songs from your computer seem slow. It is also criticized for not allowing users to download music over a cellular network. These limits also occur in the first iPhone. 7. Apple TV (2007), jumpsuit Apple into the living room is a half-hearted effort that impressed. Jobs then called the Apple TV is just a "hobby". Apparently this is a device small box that plugs into the TV and the Mac at home. This device is a small remote that allows owners to play music and movies from PC to TV. It is a relatively expensive device, with the price of USD249. In addition, the use of these devices seem complicated to set up and use. Movies purchased from iTunes have low resolution and appear blurry when viewed on HDTV. It was only in 2010, Apple introduced the Apple TV is much better and cheaper, and is designed to connect directly to the Internet. (Tyo)

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